OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP with Volodymir Kovalov
Topic: City at Night
16/03 | Saturday 10:00 | 160 zl
Immerse yourself in the world of art with the course "Portraits" by Volodymyr Kovalev, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine!

No experience? No problem! A small group allows you to get maximum attention and support from an experienced teacher.
How it goes?
Theory and individual approach
On a workshop you will learn theoretical basics and learn practical skills.
The teacher will advise you and help you in building a composition and working with form and color.
Creating a painting from scratch
Every workshop is dedicated to a certain topic.
At the end of the lesson you will have a unique painting that will become a perfect decoration of any interior.
A place where you can find new friends
Our workshops always have a positive atmosphere of communication and meet different, interesting and creative people who can inspire with their creative and life experiences.
Volodymir Kovalov
Professional artist
Volodymyr Kovalov is a Ukrainian artist born in Kharkiv. For over 18 years, the primary focus of Volodymyr’s work has been on still life and figurative compositions.

Thanks to many years of experience with dabs, texture, and colour, the artist easily achieves materiality, which sometimes obscures the hidden meaning of the invisible connections between objects and the stories of lives not only of their owners but also the artist’s personal stories and the public mood.

In a technology-driven world, Volodymyr’s compositions remind us of our roots. He draws viewers’ attention to the household items which now constitute household artefacts, and reminds us of the connection between man and nature.
Here are some references Volodymir picked to inspire you!
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Oil Painting Workshop
16th of March, 10:00 | STAKKATO ART SPACE | 160 zł
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