Girls Party at Stakkato
05/04 | 20:00 | 40 ZL

What can be better than spend an evening in a company of girls? We also don't know! So, you're invited to our girls party! What is it about? Read below!

"Explore Your Own Self, Know Your Beta Version!" is a dynamic and interactive event designed to encourage self-reflection and personal growth. Girls will engage in discussions, presentations, and activities aimed at gaining deeper insights into themselves and understanding their potential for growth and development.

What will we do?

- Discuss the importance of self-exploration and self-awareness.
- Highlight the benefits of understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
- Share techniques and tools for effective self-reflection.

Then we'll have a discussion where we will:
- Share our experiences with self-exploration.
- Discuss challenges we've faced and insights we've gained through self-reflection.

Also we prepared some very interesting exercises and fun girly games! So, wear your most shiny dress and highest heels.

After practice we'll have some food and drinks, our photographer will make us cool photos and theeeeeen - dance, karaoke and networking!

Host of this event Aakanksha is a people oriented person from the land of culture “India”. She is highly energetic and loves to travel and interact with people.

Why to come?
You will leave the event with a deeper understanding of yourself, newfound insights into your strengths and weaknesses, and a clear vision for personal growth and development. You will be inspired to continue exploring your "Beta version" and strive towards becoming the best version of themselves.

05/04 | 20:00
Stakkato Art, Ślusarska 9a
Entry: 40zł
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